Thursday, April 22, 2010

B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

I got my hands on an early copy of B.o.B's album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, and I must say it's amazing! I'm really into all the songs, but so far my favorites are 5th Dimension, Letters from Vietnam, and Airplanes of course. I decided to share it all with you. I know, I know, I rock. Jam to them now, but you should deff still purchase the album. I know I am, I think he's one of the better rappers out today.


1. "Don't Let Me Fall"

2. "Nothin' on You" (featuring Bruno Mars)

3. "Past My Shades" (featuring Lupe Fiasco)

4. "Airplanes" (featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore)

5. "Bet I" (featuring T.I. and Playboy Tre)

6. "Ghost in the Machine"

7. "The Kids" (featuring Janelle Monae)

8. "Magic" (featuring Rivers Cuomo of Weezer)

9. "Fame"

10. "Lovelier Than You"

11. "5th Dimension" (featuring Ricco Barrino)

12. "Airplanes, Part II" (featuring Eminem and Hayley Williams of Paramore)

Bonus Tracks

13. "Higher"

14. "Satellite"

15. "Yesterday"(Live)

iTunes Bonus tracks

16. "Letters From Vietnam"

Zip includes all songs and album artwork. [Download. 85.1 MB]

Run Away to Paris and Change Your Name

Wildfox came out with some new designs from their line last winter and they're photospread is insanely cute. Not only are the clothes really great but they give you some fun suggestions to do when you're looking to have a good time. Cause who doesn't need to get into a little mischief every now and again? ;)

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Girl Crush: Carmen Solomons

I love her! It's decided. She's so gorgeous!!

Her name is Carmen Solomons and she is from Cape To wn, South Africa. Naturally green eyes and chestnut hair. Clearly mixed. Most likely black and white.

My friend said this:

Idk, I see it a little? I think its cause of our skintone, lips, and freckles. Either way, I still love her.