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Florida RAWalty | Kimbyr



I love your name!

My name is Kimbyr Leigha, I usually just go by Kimbyr, but not Kim or Kimmie unless either I really like you...:) Or you're family. My Mom named me, she was a hippie. My siblings and I all have unique names and I thank her for that! People hate on my name sometimes but I LOVE it!!


People always think I'm around 21 or 22 but I'm actually 27 :) keeping my face out of the sun, wearing SPF 45 everyday and working out regularly does a body good!!


I'm currently in my last year of Law School so most of my day involves keeping my nose in a book. But my passion is singing, my sister and I are singers in the band Diamond Decolletage, so when I'm not studying I'm writing music-- you can check us out DiamondDecolletage.com our First EP will be released sometime this month!! I also do some modeling and acting to pay the bills, in fact a sexy image of me is being featured on a shirt from TITS Brand in a month or so- www.twointheshirt.com I wanna see guys and girls with me on their chests:) so please buy one! I'm also filming a feature length film right now as well!

PC or MAC?

Haha well, I used to be a PC but once you go MAC ya don't go back!!! I'm definitely a MacBook Pro with a hot pink cover.

Single or Taken?

I've only had four boyfriends my entire life and I've been taken by a hot Italian guy for almost 6 years! And he's 5 years younger than me :) We met in the music store in the mall and have been together ever since! However, I love making new friends so don't let my status make you shy away!

What do you do for fun?

I am a TV show addict!! So in my spare time you will find me curled up on the couch with my two dogs, watching all my DVR'd shows! Bones, Lost, Dollhouse, Gossip Girl, etc. I really Love anything that gets my heart pumping and blood rushing through my veins! I like action!

What is your hottest feature?

Well it depends on who you ask, I think my hottest feature is my personality because without it I'm just someone to look at, I also love my legs... They're not skinny, they're strong and muscular and I think that's hot! Guys usually say my eyes and my boobies:) and girls tell me they like my eyes, and my skin.

Every girl should have_______.

Every girl should have CONFIDENCE!! No matter what! There will always be someone hotter, smarter or richer than you, but no one can ever be YOU, and there will also always be someone who is not as wonderful as you are so be confident, it's the sexiest thing you can have in your arsenal!!

What is sexy to you?

Sexy is confidence without being cocky. Sexy isn't a look it's an attitude. You don't have to be perfect to be sexy, I think flaws are sexy, they show character and can tell a story about someone without them saying a word.

What do you keep in your car trunk?

Haha!! A lot!! Usually a few extra pairs of shoes (in case a heel breaks or my feet start hurting), a few bottles of water, wet wipes, magazines, a couple jackets, etc. I'm really prepared, I've learned from experience that anything can happen... So I plan ahead :) it's funny how often those items come in handy!

Naughtiest thing you've used the net for?

Hmmm define naughty... Well the typical response would be "to look at porn" but who hasn't done that right? I've done naughtier things online, but I rather leave it to your imagination, I'm a woman of mystery, let your imagination run wild!

When do you feel your sexiest?

I feel my sexiest when I feel my healthiest, after I get done working out, sweating and getting my heart pumping I feel I can conquer anything!

Any names for your favorite body parts?

Actually no, but if anyone has any suggestions please do tell:) I could name them now, my boobies could be called my "Hypnotizing Headlights" but I am still in bed writing this so I am at a loss with creativity :))

Lights on or off?

Well I like the lights dimmed but definitely not off!! I really don't want to end up "in the dark" on what I'm grabbing but having the lights totally on and super bright seems like a supermarket and I can't hang with that even if there is a "piece of meat" in front of me :)

If you could do one thing in the world and have no repercussions, what would it be?

Definitely robbing a bank!! Not only does it look crazy fun but come on, who doesn't need some extra cash?!? Or a few million :) I also love the thrill of a chase so I'd like to barely get away but somehow lose the cops and end up in a hotel somewhere counting the cash on the bed and ordering room service!

You can find out more about me at the following sites:

And In a month or so you can buy my shirt online at ShopTits.com

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sexy Sunday XXIII

I totally flaked on this week's Sexy Sunday. I will make it up to you. Now.