Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tearin' Up Your Heart

Yes. This is actually Lance Bass, former member of boy band N*Sync. Lance got together with famous photographer Mike Ruiz to give us some serious face and a goth attitude. If Mad Men went rock for an episode, this would totally be featured. I could hardly believe it. I kinda wanna do this makeup on myself. I personally love the look and could barely tell it was Lance at all. He kinda looks hot. Minus the lipstick.
Mike posted the photos on his Facebook account today, when any Hi-Res photos are available, I'll let you know.

This one made me realize it was him though, that profile is a dead giveaway.

That hair and outfit is sexy. Damn Lance. I know you're gay and everything, but I'd hit it with you looking like that.

Okay though but seriously. Why is Mike Ruiz fine?

Lance. I totally would have had a teenage fan girl crush on you had you looked like this before realizing that you were gay and sticking to my one true love Justin Timberlake. I'm just saying I woulda noticed you.

This peaked my interest so I found a few more shots that Lance and Mike have done together. The first is my fave. Enjoy!

Reminds me of this makeup look.