Friday, October 9, 2009

Disney Heroes Pt. II

After a commenter left the link to David Kawena, the Illustrator of the Disney Heroes, I decided to check it out again. Jackpot, he's got some new Disney Heroes drool over. Give it a look if you get the chance. He does other great artwork, but he can draw the hell out of these Disney Men. My faves this time around are John Henry and Tarzan's closeup. ;)

See the first half here.

UPDATE! AS OF 1/18/09: Prince Naveen and Narnian Princes

Prince Naveen from The Princess and The Frog

Prince Caspian and King Peter from The Chronicles of Narnia

Emperor Kuzco from the Emperors New Groove


Dr. Sweet from Atlantis

John Henry

Peter Pan

Prince Edward from Enchanted

Sitka from Brother Bear


Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean

Prince Adam aka the Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Troy Bolton from High School Musical

I'll pass on the Will Turner and Troy. Ick. AND Prince Edward. The chaps aren't gettin it for moi.

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Nina said...

My eyes were blinded by Dr. Sweet's package!! LOL

Katie Ms. Cocktail Smarty said...

Helllloooo Dr Sweet! lol

Mimilainna said...

I KNOW RIGHT. Dr. Sweet's junk took me by surprise.

Kell said...

this is one of the most hilarious things i have ever seen hahahaha


Vanessa said...

prince edward looks kinky lol

Mimilainna said...

ugh too kinky for me, keep that ass in the pants

Parisky said...

Agreed. Some of the pictures are just too hot :D And the comments here are hilarious! Couldn't agree more to the keep the ass in the pants XD

Anonymous said...

that is some hot @$$ i'm lovin it!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else creeped out about Peter Pan or was that just me? O___O

Anonymous said...

prince edward mmm
prince naveen damn!!!!!!!!!!
aladdin yummy

Anonymous said...

Peter pan is JUST TO CUTE!!!!!

MrFlameboy15 said...

i agree, i think peter pan is lookin like a hot lil twink!! prince naveen was lookin damn sexy and i'm kinda feelin kuzco... and prince edward can keep that juicy ass out all he wants!!! ;)