Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do Less.

So this is a phrase I use quite often...daily in fact. Multiple times a day. "Do Less". Its usually in accordance with "You're doing too much." When someone does too much. They're just out the box. Ridiculous. Either they're saying something or doing something totally unnecessary. Embarrassingly wrong. When that occurs, its your public duty too tell them that they are doing too much. And need to do less.

It all started when I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This scene was the start of it all.

Thus spawned "You're doing too much. Do Less."

How will you know if someone is doing too much? I have some examples that, once scene, will definitely clarify when Doing Less is necessary.

I hope this has been both educational and informative and that the next time someone is doing too much, look them dead in the eye and tell them, "DO LESS."

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ko0ty said...

Omigosh that penis speedo is just soo wrong.

Eternally Fixated said...

the speedo LMAO!

I loveeeee your blog!!

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