Monday, October 5, 2009

Bang, Boot, or Marry Vol. II

My Choices:

Bang: Eric
Boot: Matthew
Marry: Hugh

Hmm, my rationale? Okay Hugh is totally marriage material. Did yall see that picture of him with his kid? SO sweet. Plus he's hella ripped from Wolverine training, I'd totally go to bed with him every night. Eric for banging, cuz he keeps teasing me on Gray's Anatomy with glimpses of his nekkid body and its come to that point lol. I'd have to boot Matthew cuz even though he has that sexy, rugged, texan thing going on...I'm tired of him playing the same character in everything, including real life.

What are your choices and reasons why?

4 tastes:

Charleigh said...

Bang: Hugh
Boot: Matthew and Eric
Marry: Hugh

I'm sorry, after the Fountain, it's no contest. A man who can kick ass and at the same time wear a tophat and sing and dance? Hell yes. I love him so much.

Tammy said...

Bang: Eric
Marry: Hugh
Boot: Matthew..he just looks like a person that SMELLS...I

serenity. said...

Bang: Matthew...I agree with you on him playing the same character over and over...and over again but, hey, he's so cute, especially when he smiles. And I like guys with southern drawls.
Boot: Hugh. Only because I want to give you some variety. And he seems kind of creepy.
Marry: Eric. What can I say. I have a thing for bad boys. ;)


CaitlynRenee said...

bag: Eric
Bott: Matthew
Marry: hugh