Saturday, July 18, 2009

sick of the petty shit

First off, I'm very pissed off. Superman's sister proceeds to tell me something they found out about him being sick. It was very serious. She didn't tell me not to say anything. A few days later me and LF are talking and he feels as if everyone is lying and hiding shit from him. I thought about what to do and I decided to tell him, its sad but he had a right to know. It was about him after all.

And so now his sister denies ever telling me anything. And she's apparently sooo pissed at me and I'm gonna get "told off" I'm too old for this bullshit and drama. First off, noone is gonna tell me a damn thing. You think you're gonna lay into me and I'm gonna allow it? You have another thing coming. LF's life is too important for you to wanna get mad about me telling him important info about HIS OWN SELF. I'm not going to sit there and lie to his face.

2 tastes:

The SP Panda said...

damn girl what happened?

heyhazelhazel said...

Woah, that sounds messed up, it sounds like you did the right thing though, stand your ground!