Saturday, August 22, 2009

Irish Men: Best Thing Since Bailey's Irish Cream

Seeing as how I am 3/32nd Irish I am OBVIOUSLY well versed in the hotness that is the Irish Man lol. I love men, what can I say. I can appreciate the hotness of men no matter what race, age, or culture. I usually go in spurts where I'll be obsessed with one group at a time, currently I'm on a Native American kick, but I felt the need to bring back an old fave.

The Irish Man

The Exhibits:

Tom Brady

Patrick Dempsey

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Liam Neeson
(his voice is badass!!)

Gerard Butler

Colin Farrell
(I personally don't like him, but I know some of y'all do! And he looks cute in this pic)

Cillian Murphy

Stuart Townsend

No Idea What his name is lol

My friend from Cork says they love them some women. All women. So brown girls and asian girls, you too can revel in the luck of the irish lol

The Accent:
I mean damn. Even if you aren't THE most attractive (such as the guy below), that accent gives you at least 5 points.

Even when men PLAY Irish they get SEXIER. I mean I loved me some Denny Duckett, but once they dropped an Irish accent on him. It was over.

Yeap...clearly...this is what happens when you're in the vicinity of the irish man.


Those DAMN tempers. I dated an Irish guy once for about 2 years. I was going through my redhead phase and he was 6'4 and hot. But boy did he have a mouth on him and he got mad at the drop of a hat. I mean my black girl ways kept him in check so we always got into it, but sheesh! It got annoying and he was always fighting people. Which...can be very sexy...If you're not doing it ALLLLL the time.

This Pub is super cute tho huh? A man who can hold his liquor is sexy. So this is just a potential con. The bad part is when he can't hold anything down and acts a fool!

Hot Irish Movies

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Nu Nu Doll said...

boy crazy! lol

Eve said...

Yum. Nice choices in men. I agree.

jenni said...

patrick dempsey, i love him !

Anonymous said...

i like gerald butler and jonathan thys meyer. he was awesome in august rush. stewart towshend is hot, too.

Tammy said...

ROFL No you didn't!!!! My hubby is Irish, but there is very little temper there..thankfully!!

Princess Mina said...

Yummy list you've got her darling! And I luv me some Stewart, o how I wanted to be Akasha sooooo bad! Lol. He can bite me any day! You're right about the Irish accent too, just gotta love it!

izumi said...

DUDEeee i effing LOVEEE ps i love you! hahahaa :D

Lizzard said...

i love tom brady!!!

Tali said...

I literally spent like 10 minutes crying with laugher over this post! Top post of the day! Totally made my day..and HOT men too YUM!!!xxx

heyhazelhazel said...

I totally agree with you on the hotness of Irish men, especially Cillian Murphy and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers! Oh and In Bruges! I just saw that, it was awesome!