Monday, December 6, 2010

Bang, Boot, or Marry Vol. V

My Choices:

Bang: Robert
Boot: Nathan
Marry: Iwan

Hmm, so I'd marry Iwan because...have you seen him? That porcelain skin and gray eyes are right up my alley. Plus he's super adorable and that smile is ace. He seems like he'd be that faithful hubby who goes to get your tampons for you, play outside with the kids, but can still lay it down in the bedroom.

I'd bang Robert cause he's tall as hell. I've always been sexually attracted to the tall ones and despite how his character acts on Misfits, I think he'd be an exceptional shag.

So that leaves giving Nathan the boot. Sorry, babe. His body is nice and he is super handsome in that photo though.

What are your choices and reasons why?

This week's Husband - Iwan Rheon

4 tastes:

Bacon said...

I completely agree with you. Curtis annoys the shit out of me. Iwan is just so.. yum. Robert's eyes are just so lovely.

Luna said...

I would bang Nathan. Oh Nathan, those glasses. Fuck the SHIT out of and then marry Robert. And boot Iwan. That blood and shit is for the birds!!!

Old Cow said...

Well chuck me off a cliff with the feather! YOU watch misfits too??

Dammit I love you even more!

Simon is soooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmph.

Darcy Shea said...

I agree with all your choices!
Iwan is the best- so sexy... though only season two convinced me of that.
Bang Robert- He's so wild... he's bound to be good in bed...
boot Nathan... never really liked him anyways.