Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If You're Single On V-Day...

Don't know what you're doing for the festivities of Valentine's Day? Some of these surefire tips will get you through the day. If you're taken go here.

1. Cruise for man candy. Self Explanatory.

2. Pamper Yourself. Who cares if you don't have a special someone. You should always look good for yourself. Get that new Chanel gloss....or all 9 in the collection. Who deserves to look and feel good? You do.

3. Gifts for self. Who else is going to shower you with gifts, if not yourself? Of course its better when you don't have to purchase them yourself, but hello, who doesn't want that whole walk-around-the-mall-with-tons-of-bags-i-just-bought scenario?

4. Don't be afraid to be silly. There's no Judgy McJudgerson around to think you're being immature and no Uptight BF to impress with your general sexiness or turn off with your lack thereof. Have fun, play around, and just enjoy life. If that includes taking your animals to the local grocery store, so be it.

5. Wash your car all sexy like. Let those bastards know what they are missing. Make them pay and regret having a hot lil thing like you by their side. Go that extra mile and squeeze a water-loaded sponge all over you. Oh yea, I went there.

6. Trashy lingerie. It's basically proven when you wear sexy underwear even under clothes you feel so much better.

7. Create an alternate persona. Personally, I go by the name Anastasia Beaverhausen when I'm going undercover or wish to go under a different alias. Why not be Natasha London for a night. Natasha only drinks top shelf and then she runs out on the bill. Drink what you want, do what you want. When you're over it, ditch her and any unmentionables you don't wanna own up to.

8. Party. Lets face it, you can't party like this when you're tied down. Nuff said.

9. Do something you always wanted to do. Whether its a tattoo, a change of hair color, or a nipple piercing, take the risk. Make a change. It could be one of the best things you've ever done.

10. Spend time with your girls. Wild out. No one knows how to have a better time than a bunch of your home girls. The mischief you can get into knows no bounds.

Errr...just don't wind up on Hollywood Boulevard...

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TheDailey said...

ohh i love love love this. i feel like the girl with the nipple ring and tattoos hahaha