Monday, September 7, 2009

All About You, By Me

I've named my business, do you like it? One of my besties, Sharly came up with it. She always knows me so well and what I need.

This weekend I did a few banners. The first is for Kendal, from Just A Girl... She is making a new blog journaling her experience moving to Atlanta!

The Next one is for Ke'Anna, from The Ke' To Your Heart. This is her first custom banner as she's new to blogging. Check her out. She is a newlywed army wife and she's making the switch to all organic foods and beauty products.

Lastly, I created a new business card for my sister, Caitlyn Renee, of Caiti Sings. She's a talented working actress and singer and she's staring in the play The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife here in Atlanta. She had a lot going on on her last business card and she wanted something simple and polished.

Thanks for all the love I've gotten so far in my new business. Don't be shy, I love doing these so email me with your requests. If you'd like to show your support for me, I'd appreciate it and you can post these on your blog in an html widget. Also, which design do you like better?


5 tastes:

Jenny said...

your new banners look awesome. :)

heyhazelhazel said...

That's a good name, clever and memorable =D

Princess Mina said...

Love the name, it's very catchy. Plus it's universal so if you ever decide to throw in other services you can still use the name.

I think you should make a few more buttons in different sizes and colors too when you get a chance.

I'll be posting your button up! I think the second one will look best on my blog.

I love Kendall's she's a Georgia peach too?! Us FL & GA girls need to get together sometime!

The second banner is fire! I'm just in love with the every aspect of it!

Princess Mina said...

O snap, that was a long comment! Lol

Lizzard said...

cute name, makes you sound in charge ;)

i like the pink one but i'd like it more with a safisticated font xoxo