Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bang, Boot, or Marry Vol. I

So, my sister and I were reading the new Cosmo last night and we saw this lil article they had called Shag, Shun or Marry and we had a such a great time picking and choosing, I decided I'd make it a weekly series on my blog. I never use the word shag tho, I'm more of a bang girl. Like, "I'd totally bang the crap outta him,". lol So welcome to Bang, Boot, or Marry!

This first edition of Bang, Boot, or Marry we'll be using a trio from last night. It was the one we had the hardest time deciding between.

Will Smith, Shia LeBeouf, and Barack Obama.

It was SO hard because my sister has been in LOVE with Shia for a good 5 years now lol. For me, I didn't wanna give him the boot cuz he's so adorable but have you SEEN Will's body the past few years? Good lord *Fans self* And Barack cuz he's the PRESIDENT. I love how we actually have a president even worthy of being on a list like that haha.

My sister and I were both in agreement with our selections.

Will: Bang
Shia: Boot
Barack: Marry

SO tell me one and all, who would you Bang, Boot, or Marry? And your reasons why!

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serenity. said...

ooOoooOOo i like this post! next installment of this series should have Taeyang, Jaebum and Wooyoung. LOL. oh, Jaebum left the group and came back to america. such a long and sad story.

but back to bang, boot or marry.

Bang: Shia
Boot: Barack
Marry: Will

I boot Barack because I refuse to be a monica lewinsky wannabe!


Yummy said...

@ serenity that is hilarious the lewinsky comment!!! my list:

Boot: Barack
Bang: Shia
Marry: Will!!!

mmmmm Will

Princess Mina said...

Bang: Will
Boot: Shia
Marry: Barack

Who wouldn't bang Will? Lol but I couldn't marry him because I think he would addicting, I'd be worse than porn star seeing him everyday!

Boot Shia because the other choices are just too great. I feel bad :-(

Marry Barack because who wouldn't want to be the First Lady?!

I like this...I'll be back to answer every time!

Jenny said...

bang will
boot barack
marry shia :)

Lizzard said...

oh damn girl! this is a fun little idea...

Will: bang
Shia: marry
Barack: boot (seriously, think of all the wrinkles you'll get banging or being married to the president??? LOL!)

heyhazelhazel said...

Will: Bang - my childhood crush is still rampant
Shia: Boot-drunk driving makes him an ass
Barack: Marry- every girl wants to marry someone who is going somewhere right? =P

Te Te said...

o gosh I would totally
Bang: Will
Marry: Barack
I mean I've heard great stories about Shia on blogs but I mean it's Will Smith. I'd rather his sexy self... Hot blog too... I'm following.... follow me
I would love to hear some of your input on some of my blog entries

Hope to hear from you soon


xxxx said...

ok so i will
bang: barack
boot: shia
marry: will

i will have to marry will cause he a freak and i like that ish.. i would love to bang barack but he might be a little too conservative for me

blog is
check it out sometime..follow

Ruby said...

Barack:Marry(I love an intelligent man, that means we'll have more than sex, and on top of that yal can't say we don't have a sexy president)

Will: boot(he's a swinger, I can't do that, I might catch somethin)

Shia: Bang(he's a very sexy white boy, and I've had a huge crush on him since he left disney!)