Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Twilight New Moon Trailer!!


And Twilight is not even my favorite book series.
But I am a fan of that Jacob. Mm Mm Mm.
See I'd Totally Go To Jail for Taylor Lautner.

But yall. This trailer is off the chain. The boys look hot, the action is packed, and Kristen looks healthier like she went to rehab for the drugs for a quick minute. Acting is still sub par though.
And hey Dakota Fanning! My sister was like, "I wonder how Kristen felt being in a movie with Dakota Fanning?" I said, "Honored".

It actually got me excited about seeing the movie all over again. LOOK AT IT. And my man Jacob of course. He can swing into my bedroom anytime.
When does he turn 18??
I was like *looks all seductive and blushing*"Heyyyyy wolf pack..."

I'm pretty sure I'll be one of the first ones to have the movie file once its released online, so subscribe of follow if you're interested in that in the future.

3 tastes:

heyhazelhazel said...

The trailer makes me so excited for the movie! I do sorta wish the wolf cgi was a little better though >_>

Lizzard said...

I CAN'T SEE THE VIDEO!!!!!! *panic*

Princess Mina said...

I'm actually excited to see this one...