Monday, September 21, 2009

The Scale of Attraction

Aight.. SO...we all know what this is. And a lot of you need a lot of help in reading this and applying it to your everyday life. Don't fret, my pets. I'm only here to help.

Lets begin.

Here you have your standard scale, with your standard X & Y axis. On your X -axis we have Physical Attractiveness and on your Y-axis we have Mental Attractiveness. I think this is bloody brilliant and oh so accurate.

Pretty simple, yea? Lets start at the bottom, the Zone of Pain. You are neither cute nor intelligent. Your face just really isn't a good look AND you’re dumb as dirt. I’m sorry, I’m just telling it like it is. I don’t know how to sugarcoat that lol.

As we go along the axes we come along to Friend and F-Buddy. This is where a lot of people are the majority of their young lives, give or take. Let's examine the F-BUDDY first. Hey Slut. You, yes you, this is your category. And many of you are content being here. You may be pretty hot, pretty much a 4-10 looks wise and that works for you, to a point. You get a good amount of sex and attention from the opposite (or same if that’s what you’re into) sex. What you don't get are lasting relationships or someone liking you for you. Know why? Cause the YOU sucks. You're either not too bright or smart or people just can't stand your personality. This is for all the Megan Foxes out there, some aren’t attracted to her, but 9 out of 10 guys would bang her sideways. But she’s got one hell of an annoying personality and she ain’t too bright. So what do you do with a hottie you can't stand to talk to? I can think of a few things...and none of them requires them opening their mouth...well...i take that back…

THE FRIEND. Fellas you complain about this the most, but girls have this problem too.
She just doesn't see you that way but loves to hang out.

She thinks your a great guy, but not her type.

You're really nice and sweet, but she doesnt want to ruin your friendship.

This is because you're a great friend and your personality is amazing and dependable, but looks wise they're just not going there with you. The stuff wet dreams and dirty fantasies are made of, you are not. But you're perfect for a low key trip to the movies or out to the mall. Who is is gonna help them look their best for that hot date they have later? Clark Kent is the perfect example for this. Sweet as all get out, adorable, super reliable…but is Lois giving him any play?


If you can make it past the Friend and F-Buddy zone, you really have something there, once you get past that awkward boundaries stage.
Should I call?

They looked at me different today.

Do you think he/she like likes me or just likes me?
Proceed with Caution. A lot of people don’t make it out of the awkward zone, you may have to just stick to what you’re good at and go back to ho’in or being that great friend.

But sometimes, you make it. Are you watching closely? I'm going to tell you how. Look at the far ends of the scale near the arrows. At the ends of each Friend and F-Buddy you see the Relationship Temptation Zones, this means that you're THAT FINE OR THAT AMAZING so much, that you made them forget they don't really like that other side of you. This may or may not be a good thing. This is how a lot of Ho's get turned into housewives. People taking that chance just cause they're so attracted. Or how a lot of people get caught up into loveless marriages. They love the person, but are not IN love with them.

As you come closer towards the center of the scale you see the Dating Zone. Congratulations!! This means you have above acceptable attractiveness mentally and physically. You're bringing a lot to the table and trust me they're hungry for what your servin'. You have a perfect blend of physically and mental attractiveness and you’re definitely marriage potential and null set. See this pink highlighted area? This Ladies and Gentleman, is where you want to be.Not there yet? Keep trying. You can only improve...unless you can't....


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One Eighteen said...

Not that you are a bad blogger because you are actually THEE SHIT but this is by far [ in my opinion ] the best blog post you have ever done and I find you a 1000000% more MENTALLY ATTRACTIVE now lol You kno you don't gotta worry about the physical attraction part


Parisky said...

This was hilarious but so true :)

Flow said...

interesting blog honey you keep it real

Katie Ms. Cocktail Smarty said...

LMAO!! I fuckin love it!!!!

Lizzard said...

lol some get lucky and sometimes y=x, then there is no awekward zone *whew!*

heyhazelhazel said...

I love this post! It's so funny and so very true!

Princess Mina said...

Yes!!! May not seem nice but it is what it is...absolutely true! My friend needs to read this lol.

Lorien BeautyLove said...

When I first looked at th scale I was like WTF? But I got it after a few seconds.. This stuff is awesome!!! Omg but how bluntly you wanna put it? "Cause the YOU sucks" Ill def be working on that ay