Thursday, November 19, 2009


I will admit, being a long time fantasy lover and a Harry Potter fan, I did appreciate this Death Eater tattoo someone got a few years ago. It was cool because it was EXACTLY what was inked on the Death Eaters in the exact same spot on the arm so that it could be easily seen to identify other Death Eaters. But at the same time I did know that it was VERY Lame and would never do it no matter how much I loved the Harry Potter series. And I was a big time fan. Been there, read the books, actually CREATED my own role playing game around it. But that was actually a WELL WRITTEN, INTRICATE, and INTRIGUING book.

But these bitches have taken this too far. Twilight is a romance novel written in three months by a Mormon woman. The main female is a loner, decent looking female who moves in with her dad. She associates with people at school, but isn't really close to anyone. Very weak. She's not really funny, nor interesting, and has no real personality or even the will to live. The main male is also a loner, but seeing as he is a boy he is labeled "mysterious". He doesn't really date any of the girls in school and sticks to his family. With me so far? Good. The boy then saves the girls life. After a few days of off and on talking about how he can't figure her out and her smell intoxicates him, they decide that they are in love with each other and cannot be without the other.

Sounds like an unhealthy, but semi-standard overprotective teenage relationship right? Especially with the him telling her she's all that matters, can't live without her, and she is his LIFE. And her not feeling complete without him.

So why is this story interesting?

Because the author, if you want to call her that, decided to make the boy a vampire.

Wait a minute. Hold the phone. What? A vampire? Who cares if he is weird, he is a vampire! HOW SEXY. MMM can't you just imagine when you're making out getting nipped by the fangs....Wait. What did you say? He doesn't have fangs? Whoa that's kinda odd. I bet she can't wait for the evenings when they can be together though...Excuse me? WHAT? He doesn't sleep? He goes out in the sun without burning?? HE SPARKLES??? HOLD THE FUCKIN PHONE. HE'S NOT A VAMPIRE, HE'S A FAIRY.

And that is the whole gist of the story. Why oh why is this story popular at all??

I think that pretty much sums it up. They want to BE them. A lot of it has to do with the guy, Edward, cause he is "supposed" to be hot cuz all vampires are "supposed" to be beautiful and irresistable and all the girls caught up in the story of some "hot vampire with this plain girl" are gonna start seeing him as that. And that they can have a chance like that too someday and input themselves into a "romantic" scenario. And the main female, Bella, was designed/made/written whatever you want to call it to be empty so that she can be a shell. So that any girl can put themselves into the story. Even the author said that. She has no real personality, interests or strengths just a suit for any bland girl to put on so she can feel as if she's in Bella's shoes. So all these girls are imagining this vicarious lifestyle through her that some supposed hot vampire and romance will happen to them. Its basically a fan-fiction. A badly written fan-fiction.

But this. This has gotten out of control. Twihards are apparently die HARD TWIlight fans. And they want you to know it. My sister sent me one of these bad Twihard tattoos and I just had to share them. This makes me embarrassed and ashamed of my sex.

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Bombchell said...

wow at the tats! I didnt know it was that serious. for most of the quotes, if I'd seen it, I wouldnt have known it was twilight.

LMAO yeah twilight had been a melodrama, but c'mon give the author some credit.

Danica Krizia said...

damn that's insane! people really go all out for twilight!

TheDailey said...

LMAO now you know what, i've seen it all lol. these people are so out of control! i so wouldnt get this stuff tattooed on me : / but heyyy if they like it, i love it baby lol

Narwhal Jones said...

Some of that work is just gnarly bad. Jailhouse or what?

Parisky said...

Ok ... fuc**** shit :P I'm such a big Harry Potter fan :D And I loved the twilight books :) But actually how you put it it's pretty true :D I almost fall of my chair when you said he's a fairy! :D

Those tattoos have gone too far :/

Mimilainna said...

@Bombchell pshhh no credit! lol and you wouldnt be able to tell with all those apples and shit everywhere? lol

@Danica @Dailey - I could never. its so wacktastic!!

@Narwhal I think they were smokin the pipe when they decided, "yep, imma do it. imma get that twilight tatt right here on my chest".

@Parisky i was a crazy HP fan, i mean who makes a RPG haha, but it broke my heart after the horrible 7th book so ive left it alone lol and he is a fairy!