Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Spank Bank

The mind is a wonderful thing. It can hold a bevy of information without even using half of its potential. I mean I remember all the words to all the songs I loved in sixth grade. And my same mind has its little section set aside for when I'm bored and need to stimulate my damn self. I.E. the spank bank.

Now your spank bank is either filled with images of people in sexually intriguing scenarios, or the person themselves is worthy of flicking the bean or wanking.
I mean I'm not just talking 'bout regular fine. I'm talking 'bout
"Man you so fine you just made my EGG drop, lets go knock the boots NOW" fine

Lemme just explain something to all of y'all. Everyone has a spank bank. From the freakiest freak in the club or that nun in the habit. Don't be fooled. Some may be a little more, how should I say...detailed and mature. But if you're crushing on so-n-so and they're running across your mind. Congratulations, they're in your spank bank.

Now my taste in men is diverse as hell and, accordingly, so is my spank bank. Don't judge me. I'm not judging you over there with the foot fetish or you who wants to sex up midgets. Personally, my spank bank has a sub-section. Dudes who are such good specimens that they are not only good for "me time", but are perfect for breeding. I would totally let that spank in my bank for the sake of my future children.

Here's a few images below that I've tucked away in my virtual spank bank. Don't worry, gentleman. I've put some stuff in here for you too.

4 tastes:

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Ummm is it hott in hurre?? I didn't have a 'spank bank', but I got one now :)
U soo nastee, that's why I ♥ you!!

Sacro Amore said...

I creamed... like 3x... *dies* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Patrick said...

So, are the ladies just additions "for the guys", or is this just a "selection" from your spank bank?

Mimilainna said...

@patrick well i picked ones for the guys that i like myself. they're all pretty hot.