Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Sad When People Can't Recognize Sarcasm

Um this sint funny because Bella DOES NOT gossip and talk like that and ur not nearly as cool as her either sorry
Go cry somewhere else...

@OfficiallyBellaSwann Yeah, I mean COME ON Paperlilies! Don't you know Bella, don't you KNOW her?!! I'm close enough to this *intelligent character created by THE WOOOORLD BEST author (Stephenie <3<3).>
@IdaRuda I know right! Bella rocks and I bet this wierdo in this vid has never even seen New Moon or Twilight!! Probably only the trailers! >:(

You think she HASN'T??? SUCHS a weirdo. Like omg. *BEST MOVIES EVEEER!!

Ugh I know!! And best books ever!! I mean ive seen New Moon 3 times and Twilight like oh geez 98,000? lolz

LOLZ! I've seen New Moon EVERY showing since it came out, and I see Twilight EVERY day when I wake up. Like omg!

lol same here! EVERY SHOWING!?!? omg thats like 9 times a day!

YEAH I SWEEEAR! I'm dropping out of school after the holidays because I'm never gonna do anything else in MY LIFE than watch TWILIGHT!! Or I'll be as good of an actress as Kristen. No one can move their eyebrows and bite their lip like SHE CAN!! Like omg.

OMGOMGOMG! @PepperBabe, wanna be my frieeend?? If I get Edward I promise I'll give you Jacob!!!

OME seriously!?!? WOWW!! lol i know Kristen rocks my socks!!

No, I'm not serious. I'm sorry, this has been fun and all. But no, I do NOT like Twilight, Edward, Jacob or Bella. I do NOT want be like Kristen Stewart and the fact that anyone over the age of 12 considers her to be a good actress - with the potential to rock anyones socks - is astonishing.

Oh, and the horror, I haven't even seen New Moon.

um okay..... why did you lie then??

Simply because it was fun and I wanted to see if you would notice the sarcasm after writing "like omg" in four consecutive replies.

oh and fyi im 13!! >:P
That's what I mean with "over the age of 12".

? Whatever wierdo

Weirdo, huh? Your harsh words hurts my soul.

OMG liek totaleh... liek, srsly? bella would *NEVAH* talk liek dat... i mehn... she doesnt even *BELIEVE* in teh internet... she's got sum srs vampire bzns to worry about... Paperlillies just doesnt know bella liek we do, OfficiallyBellaSwann! That's why edward's gonna luv us and not her.

Lol yep!! Bella is fucking awsome and NOBODY makes fun of her *smiles*

Oh my heart aches for the youth of the world.

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Nina said...

Sad, very sad. Teens today are such dumbasses.

Violet Honeybee said...

LoL my jaw was slowly dropping until it hit the floor. Good god I wasn't like that when I was younger was I? I think I would of killed myself at that point =P

just found your blog and love it =D

Mimilainna said...

@ Nina, I totally agree. I just wanna slap some sense into them!

@Violet Lets hope you weren't lol Thanks for the love, mama!