Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tape Me On Your Video Phone

Mannn. First things first. I love the music track to this song, the beginning is really good and I'm a big music person. That being said, the video is not so hot. I mean come on, B! You have millions upon millions of dollars and you can't get a decent storyline or theme for this video? I would have atleast put some kinda digital overlay so it seemed more digitized and videophonish. And I don't mean that spazzy skipping techno thing going on where it looks like an epileptic shock waiting to happen.

I will give Beyonce her credit. Even though I find her voice to be really hard, she is an excellent performer and always looks good in her videos. She looks really pretty in this video, though as a makeup artist, I know that has a lot to do with it. Look at that cat eye. I love me a good cat eye *points to profile pic*. At least she isn't giving that dazed and dumb look on video than she ALWAYS does in pictures and in person.

Gaga, I love. I was surprised to see her face with minimal makeup. Its an interesting look. It was cute watchin' her keep up with B in those dance moves. My sister pointed out how smaller and less curvy Gags was and I had to laugh. It was true but she did a good job over all. Overall they work well together. I wonder how the Telephone video will look with both of them. Hopefully like this.

4 tastes:

Narwhal Jones said...

I feel like the parts with Beyonce alone were just watching her do all her usual dance moves... It still looks hot, but I already know she moves like that, you know?

Mimilainna said...

@Narwhal I totally feel you. She's very much a molded thing. She's always done what people have told her to be and act.

TheDailey said...

i blogged about this too!!! i loooove it. i just wish beyonce would officialy change her hair to one of the styles in the video lol. didn't she appear thinner? they probably edited

Mimilainna said...

@dailey honestly i thought it was rihanna in the beginning, very much rihanna stylings. i liked her hair with the cat eye, but everyones doing that lately