Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bang, Boot, or Marry Vol. IV

My Choices:

Bang: Pauly D
Boot: Mike
Marry: Ronnie

Aight so, I'd marry Ronnie since he seems to be the only one capable enough and willing tohave a relationship. Plus I dig his size. I could marry a bone crusher. Pauly D...ehh...Bang only cause I wanna see that piercing he has. It takes a bold man to get a Prince Albert piercing. And lastly, Squidward Mike. The situation just does not get it for me, one he was being a lil beyotch when Sammi chose someone else, two his head is wayyyy to small for his body.

What are your choices and reasons why?

7 tastes:

serenity. said...

ok...pauly d reminds me of one of those old 1900s photographs you see of italian pizzeria owners. i was watching something on the food network about pizza and one dude was talking about his great grandfather, showed a picture of him, and i thought it was pauly d. "the situation" is just a douchebag so he's completely a pass. ronnie would be the best of the three, but i have to say that i like vinny the best because he's the most quiet. hahaah

Charleigh said...

Bang Mike, with a paper bag over his head. Why? because that's the only way I'd do him. Boot Pauly because he's fug. Marry Ronnie because if we get him on a weight loss muscle loss program, he'll be ADORABLE. Paper Bag, ladies, Paper Bag.

Mimilainna said...

@serenity ...dude he DOES look like that haha. nooo vinny is a douche too!

@charleigh ick, mike.andaww leave the Ron a lone, but I hear you on the paper baggin

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

BOOT: Mike. def. hes ugly i wouldnt even stand next to him.

MARRY: Ronnie just cuz he does seem sweet but im not into the whole buff man thing reminds me of my dad eek!! so i guess id marry Pauly D

BANG: Pauly D just hes so effin lowkey my type. he looks like my ex bf. yes i love that gotti boy look *shame*

Tammy said...

Bang - Pauly - I wanna see the piercing too!

Boot - Mike - He really needs to get over himself..he's not hot.

Marry - Ronnie - He just seems like a sweetheart. I would have to teach him how to dance though, that spastic crap he does is not cool.

Kaleigh said...

Boot- Mike- Not only is he a douche, but he isn't even attractive... The "situation" with his abs is not even worth 10 seconds of listening to what he has to say.

Marry- Ronnie- I can't lie, I think he is sexy... and the least ridiculous of the cast. He's like a big, beefy, doofy puppy.

I guess that leaves Pauly D to bang... but that would have to be after a whole bottle of expensive vodka... that he paid for!

LOVE your site by the way! Thanks for sharing it with me to follow!

Sylvia said...

this is a toughie because I would both marry and bang pauly d! But I guess if I had to I would Bang the situation, boot ronnie and marry pauly d! i think ronnie is annoying! lmao