Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sexy Sunday XV

I mean...who wouldn't want to pee in a place like this?

Side note.
That latina chick's shoes are SO FIRE. But the black girl on the far right has the best body.
Waist-to-hip ratio for the win.

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Fabnay said...

That is too funny.

Anonymous said...

tlynn said...

I need to workout...seriously...

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

can u get pregnant with pee? LOL jk. love me some r.kelly shit lmao...!

This That ,And The Other said...

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LADYJANE said...

If you know where I'm coming from, I think the guys will have trouble peeing... lol

Mikeman said...

i dont think i would be able to pee here too.
"pee" may not even be what comes out LOL

plus not all guys got bad aim haha

I'd choose the last stall tho
(chick on the right)

Mimilainna said...

@fabnay @MW lol so outrageous

@tlynn the nudity of other sis definite workout inspiration

@christina lmao! i almost forgot about that whole Kellz debacle

@ladyjane lol, smart lady. bathroom, out of order.

@mike the last stall is the best, I'm tellin ya waist to hip ratio, waist to hip ratio.